Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remembering the Blessings.

The cowboy was out on a cold winter day, checking the lines
Thinking to himself he is a dying bread, the last of his kind

All the long days out gathering the steer

It would drive any city man to tears

So he stopped his old buckskin to take a quick rest

As he was reminiscing about the days he remember the best

One of the days happened to be a warm afternoon

Somewhere in the month of June

He was riding along

Whistling A good old country song 

And out of the corner of his eye

He saw a red streak fly by

He wondered what it could be

For He knew it was just him and the trees

So he jerked on the horses reins

racking what it could be through his brain

He looked over his shoulder

And by a great big boulder

There stood a big bull with no brand on his side

He thought to himself it was a perfect hide.

One he figured would look good with all his cattle

So he threw a rope and tied it to his saddle

All of a sudden that bull took after him

It was a drastic situation one where he had to act fast

Or he and his horse would be in the past

They galloped down the mountain a mile

As he screamed like a small child

Wondering if the bull was going to stop

He slowed his horse down tell he heard a branch pop

He spun around and heard a great sound

It was the bull running non stop

The bull hit them broad side

And threw him off his horses hide

As he fell a pound the ground

He was wondering how he was going to get back into town.

His truck was pretty far away

But at least he was feeling ok

As he was walking back

He started to think of the past

The thought came to his mind this

Must be another sign

He was thinking of his childhood

When all must have been good.

He was wondering where he went wrong 

Then he thought of a song

The song was subtle but sweet

And he knew it complete

The words were:” I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me
Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified
That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died
Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me
Oh, it is wonderful Wonderful to me.”

The words kept running over and over in his brain

So he kept walking tell there was no pain.

He knew that this must have been his sign

He was feet away from the truck so he was almost out of time.

He was remembering the price Christ had to pay

So we all could repent and live happy this day

It didn’t matter what commandment he broke

It was up to him to fix it with all the folks

He said out loud; o lord I going to quit my sinful ways

I swear old lord I will work hard for the rest of my days

I will try my hardest to repent

I will treat my friends and family descent

I’m grateful for this day

Even if I had to walk most of the way

I know your son paid the debt

But I’m not ready to meet you yet.

I have many more days out on the line

I just hope one day I will remember this great time.


  1. yea. I liked it..Nash

  2. Elder are wise beyond your years. I miss seein' you at my folks but hope to see you again sooner rather than later! Sorry I am not on facebook much but you can email be any time and I will reply.