Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We were driving into eureka on a Tuesday night

The snow was coming down it was a miserable sight

It took us 2 hours to go 60 miles

But my companion and I still wore a great big smile

I thought to myself, why is this so?

Why are we smiling and happy when it was so bitter cold

I thought well it could have been that dinner we just ate

All that Italian food on those fancy plates

Or was it because our training meeting was done

 And we knew that we could enjoy some fun

Or was it because in my studies

I could answer a question for my buddy

Then I thought back to Sunday what a way to start the week

It was nice to go to church and strengthen my testimony when it was so weak

Or was I happy to teach some people and by away from home

Living and spreading the gospel in Montana, being able to roam

Maybe it was because I worked out so early

Even if you add up all the min I workout they equal thirty

Then I ponder on all the tuff rules I have to obey

Getting up at 6:30 and studying most of the day

Then spending time talking to people who think I am crazy

Because I am not indoors watching tv and being lazy.

 They ask me what has gotten into you, why do you like to boast?

 I simply answer, I’m inviting you to listen to the Holy Ghost.

Then a light bulb flickered on inside my simple brain

I know why we were happy and glad we weren’t going insane.

 Obedience to the gospel we live it all the time.

 The lord blesses our family’s and that is what eased our minds.

I reminisced about all the letter I got from my kin

To here they were doing great it brought joy from with in

I knew if we were righteous in this Zion land

God would help us prosper with his loving hand

It was a promise he gave to a prophet’s way back in the day

He even gave his beloved son to pave us a righteous way

So all we have to do is follow his loving rules

And heavenly father will give us all the tools.
 I challenge all who ready this to live up to their best
Heavenly father won’t give us rules if we can’t follow them like the rest.

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