Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Down On Your Knees

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Down On Your Knees
The radio was blasting, kicking out a good old country tune.
We were singing along with George on that hot day in June.
We were barreling across a dry valley; living that sweet dream…
Talking about girls, school, and hunting… even our favorite football team.
Life was going good until we heard that dreaded blow.
I just sat there in my driver seat and sank extremely low…
I looked towards my 2 best friends and said, “Boy! Doesn’t that put us in a tough spot?
This here truck we have been driving just threw us into a boiling pot!”
Jason smirked and then commented “That’s the third tire! It must be a blasted sign…
We are just going to have to sit here and wait our dreaded time.”
I looked upward and saw that big, hot sun beating very high,
And if we were to sit there much longer… we could surely die.
It was a drastic situation! One I want never to repeat.
I was wishing I was at home with a pretty lady messaging my feet.
Then a thought popped into my mind, “Get down are your knees.
Pray like your mom has taught you since you were two or three.”
Well… I offered up a quick prayer, right then and there…
I asked for strength and knowledge and God’s loving care.
I did what my thoughts told me. I know it was the Holy Ghost.
He has helped me out of a number of binds, and I don’t mean to boast.
We started walking toward home with that sun blazing high…
When all of the sudden my friend, Clayton, started singing a lullaby.
We sang all the songs that we knew, until we saw a trail of dust…
We knew our prayers had been answered; it was someone we could trust.   
I’m just glad God listens to us all, from are very birth.
While we journey through our time here on this place called “Mother Earth”.
Whenever I am in a tough bind,
I can always look to that Lord of mine.
I challenge all that read this story,
To remember the Lord and all His great glory.
A prayer to our Heavenly Father is all we need…
So don’t be afraid to get down upon your knees

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