Saturday, December 3, 2011

Famous last words of a coach

     Coming from a sport center town I believe every boy who has lived in Alamo NV can say they have played Football.
     They all will remember the smell of a sweat-filled locker room and senior boys trying to get everyone pumped up and talking about the great plays and tackles they have made in the previous half. They all wait for the coaches to come in and give them some advice on how to make the last half of the game the best half of the game. All of us have herd Coach Kens famous words he gives to us. It always seems like at the beginning of the season the words of encouragement are:
 "All that training you did during the 2 a days practices come down to now! This very moment, this very place. Every terrible 20 you ran, every sand wash you have sprinted, every snake you have trudged threw comes down to now!"
      Every game he says something along those lines. No matter how many times we heard his speech, it would still pump us up. Later in the season the lecture sound about the same, but he would add to his famous lecture:
     "And all the games you have won and all the pain you have endured"
      Then at the end of the season, he throws it all down:
"Senior boys, I have loved coaching you and watching you guys grow from a good team to a great team! You have 24 min left in your high school career till it's over. After that, you cant change anything. All you can do is look back and say 'We did well'. So don't hold anything back. Give 110% all the time, so you have no regrets later in life. So your able to look back and say, 'We did all we could do and played with all our heart'. Remembering the goal we made at the beginning of the year: Winning that state game. When the finial buzzer rings you know that you will come out victorious!"
     I remember hearing that speech and following it. The feeling we got from winning that state game was amazing! After it was all over, we looked back over all the great work we had accomplished.
     When I look back upon my high school football career, and Coach Ken's speech, it reminds me of how we live our lives. We should live are life like a football season. Practicing. Studying. Executing. Insuring you will preform everything flawlessly. We as Latter Day Saints should practice: keeping the commandments, Having faith, hope, charity, and love, and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We should study The Scriptures, Ensign articles, and General Conferences talks, like we study film of another team, so we can know what lies ahead of us. With enough practice and studying we can preform with success. Giving it 110%, leaving it all here on earth like you would on a field. Having no regrets in life. So in the life to come we will have that great feeling of accomplishment, knowing we did great. Feeling complete and overjoyed. Knowing that we endured to the end and played with all are hearts.

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