Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Killin Time

I was sitting at the bus station trying to kill the time.
Chattin with an old friend, talking about this short life of mine.
All the long hours came up about us throwing the hay.
Just so we could earn a few bucks and go fishing the rest of the day.
We talked about all the days out hunting looking for the king beast.
So we could sit down at night and enjoy our simple feast.
We then reminisced about all the time at the county fairs.
Drinking soda and chasing girls, boy we sure were a bright pair.
We thought about all the time we barely escaped with our life.
Man I sure do feel bad for our future wives.
We agreed right then that moment someone was always there.
Making sure we returned home safe without a loss of our hair.
Surly the lord would guide us with his dear loving hand.
He wants us to return home safe because he has a greater plan.
 Once again God saved me knowing where I will do my best.
I hope I can try my hardest and keep his loving feeling in my chest.
Now I am on my mission in Montana i came with all my joy.
I escaped the grasp of an Asian speaking mission and no vegetarian soy.
Now teaching people the gospel it runs deep within my veins.
I just hope one day I will be elected to enter in to Gods special hall of fame.

All the hours we spent swimming all the money and soda down the drain
All the “if I would of”, and “barleys” all the bandages and the pain
All the football games we played just to win those grueling fights
They aren't even close to a down payment Jesus paid that essential night.
My family investigated the gospel knowing it was true.
They gave up all they had to cross the great deep blue
I'm grateful for their example they lead me all my days
I hope one day I will be able to meet them and thank them anyways.
It’s hard to think of their skin frozen and cold as ice
They have to love me the same as Jesus to pay that great of a sacrifice.
So I hope I don't disappoint them I know this gospel is true
So maybe that will help you think again before you try to hand me a cold brew.
I hope you do the same thing about your great life
You can find all the mistakes you made and not dwell on them twice.
Well I and my old friend, we parted are simple way
I’m glad we could chat a few and review our short life up to this blessed day.

by: Kenyon Walch

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