Wednesday, July 4, 2012

lesson of life and rules in life.

Here is a change of writing for all of you who followers of the Walch Street Journal. I tried to write a poem about this but i can't write a poem with out a story being told so we are going for a little essay. The other day i was driving in to Billings. On this drive into Billing there isn't the greatest sites to see so i was thinking, trying to kill some time. When the lesson of life came into my mind. I was remembering all the small lesson that my dad and family had taught me and all of the rules. One of them happen to be the words from a old country singer the words are advice we always should remember and they go something like this. 
   "Now a cowboy's got a set of rules that he lives by day to dayIf you ask for his advice, he'll more than likely sayIf it's a fence, mend it. If it's a dollar bill, spend itBefore if burns a hole down in them jeans If it's a load, truck it. If it's a punch, duck it.If she's a lady, treat her like a queen."
I could go on for hours with these so called rules that we should live by. Instead i am going to tell you about a set of rules that can effect are life forever. My mom taught me these rules and if we live by them are life will run more smoothly. I can promise that. They are more then rules they are commandments, and we always hear about the 10 commandments. I believe all christian family strive to live by and they are:
1.thou shalt have no other God before me.
2.thou shalt worship the one God.
3.thou shall not take the lords name in vain.
4.thou shall keep the sabbath day holy
5.thou shall honer they father and mother.
6.thou shall not kill
7.thou shall not commit adultery
8.thou shall not steal
9.thou shall not bear any false witness
10.thou shall not covet
If you want to read these for your self they can be found in exodus 20 in your king james bibles.
These are a good start to rules in are life. Heavenly father is are father in Heaven, And like a good parent he is going to give us some more rules when time changes. For example the older i got i found out that my parents had given me more rules. Like when i was in high school. They gave me rules to help me become more self reliant and so i could handle the world outside of my small town. Heavenly Father is like wise going to do the same so we can be come more self reliant in life. Threw modern revelation he has reviled to us some rules like the word of wisdom, chastity, and following the prophet council. These are thing that if we keep he will bless us in are life. I have seen the blessing of keeping the commandments. I am greatful for my parents to teach me these thing. This was a lesson they taught me that I know if I follow I will be blessed for. I encourage all who read this to start keeping these commandments and if you have any question don't be affraid to get a hold of your local missionaries or your nearest church members.

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