Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remembering the Priesthood and its Blessing

The young man was crossing the graduation stage

Thinking to himself in the book of life I’m turning another page

Reminiscing about what was written there

The thought came up about all the hard work and all the loving care

Then a thought came across his mind of a life changing moment

One where it made him thankful for the greatest gift the atonement

It all started back long ago in his junior year

When life seem to be going good, when he was full of cheer

The summer time was spent throwing all the hay

Just so he could earn a few bucks and afford to play

Then the thought ran crossed his mind about the football team

Back in the days when he felt like he was a king

When all the reminiscing came to a stop at a certain football game

One where his life changed and will never be the same

He went for a tackle just like he had done a 100 times before

But after all was said and done he felt might sore

He went to the doctor’s to ask if he could be repaired

The doctor answered him; no we can’t fix you, not here or anywhere

The cheer he had was gone he felt down and out

The doctor told him no more sports, racing or riding just old boring scout

His life just came to a screeching stop, new thing he would have to try to do

He pictures himself in the future wearing a business suit with shine black shoes.

He knew there had to be another way

He heard of miracle preformed, way back in the day

Wondering how these miracles were done long ago, he asked his mom and dad

They looked at him and said go fetch my scripture bag.

He ran to their room full of happiness and joy

Knowing in the scripture there was a story for this situation, made him yell out, o boy!

She read a scripture from the book of James that made me smile from within

A prayer of faith shall save the sick. Of course were has my mind been.

The power of the priesthood just like in the day of Jesus Christ

It all goes back to the man who gave up the ultimate sacrifice

he yelled at his dad you’re an elder of the priesthood get up and out of bed

Fetch your oil and give me a blessing upon my head

Something happened that day that he will never forget

A lesson about the priesthood and the power it has in it

It made him think about his life and on that boys face there will always be a huge grin

Now a few years later that’s all in his passed
he can thank this gospel for his restored back
so let us remember the faith that this boy had here
and when we come across time where we want to shed a tear
lets remember that faith and pray can help everyone.

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