Tuesday, September 6, 2011


He was out on the cliff’s edge; further than he’d ever been before.
He sat with legs a-danglin’ high above the valley floor.
He was lost in thought while drinkin’ in the grandeur of it all,
When a gust of wind unseated him, and he began to fall.
Tis a drastic situation! He didn’t dare to think slow
For certain death awaited him on those rocky crags below.
So… Well.. He called upon a good friend. I guess the only one he could.
The one we all forget about when things are going good.
“God, if you help me now I’ll quit my sinful ways.
I’d do the things you’d have me do and I’ll work hard all my days!
I’ll spend time with my children; I’ll help my lovin’ wife.
I’ll quit the booze and whiskey and I’ll turn around my life.
I’ll work to help the needy and I’ll promise to repent…
Just then a tree limb caught his coat and stopped his fast descent.
And while hanging from that tree that grew out of that rocky shelf,
He looked skyward saying, “Never mind! I handled it myself!”
Waddie Mitchell 

I love this poem. We need to not be like this guy. It happens so many times. We get caught up in life; some of us get busy with our kids, schooling, jobs and many more things. We forget who and what is really important in our life. We should remember that God created everything. We should be thankful for that and everything he gave to us. We should live our life with no regrets having no sin with us. I'm not saying I am perfect. I'm not even close to being perfect but I know that if I live my life closer to heavenly father I will be blessed. It's funny how the man on the cliff turns straight to God when he is in trouble. He starts thinking of all the bad he did and how much more there is to life. He thinks of his kids and his wife and repenting. Then he gets saved by the limp he thinks he did it himself. There are times in our life when the road gets bumpy and rough but when we get out we need to remember that God plays a roll in all of our lives. We should always thank the good man for making it all happen for us. When life’s going good and when life’s not going so well.

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