Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preparing for the Finish Line

Racing and God's Plan of Happiness

Growing up with a racing addicted brother I have had a lot of time out in the middle of the boonies waiting for him to come in. When we are out waiting, I tend to think of life and the great things it holds in store for us. It never crossed my mind until I got to my mission how much a race is set up like life.  In a race there is a committee over all of it to make all the rules fair and just. They oversee and create the race from the start to the finish. Then in the race there are certain rules and guidelines you have to follow. They are set there for your own protection and the safety of others around you. The committee's main goal is for everyone to try their hardest and to finish the race. For example you can't cut the course in a race. If you do so you can be penalized for a half an hour because of your own actions. The committee makes sure everyone gets off the course at the end of the day.
You might be wondering how this sounds like life? The committee is like God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. They created the earth for us to live on and try our best. God, like the racing committee gave us rules and guidelines to live our life by. Some of these rules are the ten-commandments, word-of-wisdom, praying often, study the scriptures, etc.When we get off course in life we lose the presence of God. In my eyes that is like getting penalized. Through the love of God and his son, Jesus Christ, they made it possible for us to get to the finish. The way we can get over are small detour in life is through the gift of repentance.  Like the committee, Gods main goal is for us to finish the race and live with him again. I know the harder we prepare a race truck for a race the better it will do. That preparation goes for life as well. The harder we prepare to keep Gods rules the easier it will be for us to live with him in the next life.

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