Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The outlaw was out rustling cow in a torrential down pour
He had been riding for 3 days straight, and his horse was getting mighty sore
They were pushing their contraband across the Mexico line
Running away from the law is how the outlaw spent most of his time
His ma and pa always wondered in their mind how he fell astray
They knelt and prayed for their wayward son every night and day
They had taught him from his youth about God and his son Jesus Christ
And how God's beloved son Jesus had to pay that ultimate sacrifice
The outlaw knew what kind of life he was living
And if he didn't change his life it would be unforgiving
But his name was so great he was known quite well
And how many times he had rustled and robbed no one could ever tell
But this time he was worried for lightning was dancing all about
And he could hear a voice, he thought it could be a shout
Then at that moment lightning struck ten yards from him
He thought this could be it; his life would end in sin
A wicked past unfolded, he thought of all those wasted years
The drunken parties and wrecked saloons and all the stolen steers
But a miracle was preformed that night one that keep him from dying
One that answered his ma and pa prayers because they keep a trying
Thunder spooked his pony and it reared and threw him on the ground
But the outlaw landed in the muddy clay safe and sound
He bolted under a rock to seek some shelter from the storm
He then said a prayer to God to show that he wasn't misinformed
He changed his life around and a pardon he was granted
He was grateful for that wonderful seed that his parents had planted
Forgiven by the love of God a love that will remain
He gave his life and soul that night when the savior beckoned for his name

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